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Helmand Palace
2424 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109

Helmand Palace

2424 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109

The Bountiful Fruits of the Helmand River…in San Francisco. Helmand Palace serves the Russian Hill District of San Francisco with unique Afghan cuisine, including what many have called “the best lamb in the U.S.” Our premium, attentive service is the backdrop to an incredible dining experience here, which in itself originates from one of the most beautiful states in Afghanistan that is commonly defined by its Helmand River which flows through this lush, fertile desert region – and which provides water diverted for irrigation – the land that yields these culinary delicacies routinely explores its rich origins via incredible flavors and textures.

As such, Helmand Palace has become a hotbed for sampling the Afghan region’s most famous and tantalizing dishes, soups and vegetables – from popular entrees like char-broiled leg of lamb marinated in pureed vegetables and laid upon a bed of pallow rice, to homemade pastry shells stuffed with beef and onions served on a pool of yogurt.

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Experience a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome at Helmand Palace…a place to gather and relish in Afghan delicacies while feeling right at home. And those delicacies aren’t limited to the dishes cited above – amazingly flavorful, delicious rice serves as a staple for most of our entrees, soaked overnight and then rinsed and baked for a wildly spicy and flavorful taste. The Kaddo – baked pumpkin with garlic yogurt and ground beef sauce – is a dish simply not to be missed at Helmand Palace, nor is our Vegetarian Aush, served with three distinct sauces to make for a perfect presentation.

In a day and age of bustling, noise-infused restaurants, it’s nice to know an eatery such as Helmand Palace turns its nose up at the current fast-paced and technologically-driven way of life, offering a much more relaxing dining alternative. Soft background music makes for the perfect environment in which to thoroughly enjoy an ethnic meal and engage in conversation – and at Helmand Palace, your comfort, satisfaction and utter happiness is our primary concern.

We have been at the heart of San Francisco’s Russian Hill ethnic dining scene for some time now…come pay Helmand Palace a visit when you’re looking for a culinary experience that’s truly unique!

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